But Here We Are

New name, who dis?

Since I last bared my soul to you, my life has been turned on its head, lit on fire, and burned to a stunning heap of ashes.

This is what I intend to grow from the ashes: writing. stories. solidarity. support. authenticity. integrity. connection. bravery. vulnerability. strength.

The last two years saw a return to therapy (January ‘18), an adjustment to going back to work full time (April ‘18), a second critical psychiatric diagnosis (September ‘18), three weeks of partial hospitalization to resuscitate/stabilize my mental health (October ‘18), my son deciding to sleep like an infant again (November ‘18 – January ‘19), my mom’s cancer diagnosis (May ‘19) and her death at the age of 59 (July ‘19).

Basically, you could sum the last two years up as a bunch of shitty events stacked on top of each other and wearing a trench coat.

There certainly were more mundane things, and even some really good things (I met Roxane Gay AND Cheryl Strayed!).

All of that is to say that the foundational mission of my words is the same as it has always been: break stigmas and make people feel less alone. The last two years have given me so many new ways to do that. I hated not writing in a way that could be read by others, but it was so much more important for me to be more engaged in other aspects of my life. So: I will continue on my mission of creating a springboard for open conversations around mental health, parenthood, and all of the other shit that life throws at us. If there is anything you’d like to see me write about, comment here or reach out on social media!
Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to write again or asked when I would get back to posting or has taken my words and formed them into the courage they need to share their own stories. You have, in turn, reminded me to lean into my own pain so that I could survive these last two years but also make the pain useful to me. They say that what doesn’t kill you only makes your book longer. Truthfully, I would pick a shorter book if you asked me right now, but here we are.